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Use Wine Corks for Caulk Bottles

Synthetic wine corks are a staple of many DIY home projects, but they can also be extremely helpful in your toolbox. If you have ever used caulk, silicone, or any other adhesive material from a pressurized bottle, then you know how much of a pain it can be to stop these bottles from leaking. Once you remove the bottle from the squeeze handle, how do you keep the contents of these bottles safe and ready for their next use?

Some people like to use tin foil or plastic wrap to cover the tips of their caulk bottles, but this isn’t secure and may cause a mess or expose the caulk inside to air, causing chunky blockages. Instead, use a synthetic wine cork to keep your caulk bottles safe. Drill a 5/16-inch hole into the end of the cork about one-inch deep. This will allow the cork to securely hold the tip of the bottle and protect the contents with an airtight seal.