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Get the Lint Out

By December 25, 2020No Comments

Laundry dryers are convenient, but in return, they require maintenance. Clean the dryer vent regularly. Dirty, lint-filled vents make your dryer work harder, causing appliance wear and bringing higher energy costs. Vents filled with lint also pose a fire hazard. Extended drying times and noticeable odors are indications your dryer vent needs cleaning.

How To Clean a Vent

There are two common ways to clean a dryer vent. For the first method, take the vent off the back of the dryer and use a shop vacuum to remove the collected detritus. The other procedure involves purchasing a cleaning kit from a home store. These kits include brushes on flexible, extended poles that attach to power drills.

Maintaining your home involves paying attention to details. Keeping the dryer vent clean keeps your house happy in several important ways.