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Home Inspection 101: Leave the Kids At Home

By October 20, 2020No Comments

We get it — buying a new home is a family ordeal, so it makes sense that you want your littles there every step of the way. However, when it comes to the inspection, it may be best for you, your wallet and the safety of your children that you take them to Grandma’s or a trusted neighbor for the day. You should also leave Fido behind, too.

As a parent, you don’t need to be told twice that kids can be a distraction. You need to be able to focus during the home inspection, as the inspector may reveal significant and costly issues. If you’re more worried about keeping your kids out of trouble than what your inspector has to say, you won’t be as informed during negotiations as you should be, and you could pay the price later on.

If nothing else, keeping the kids away on inspection day could prevent accidents and possible liability issues.